About the Festival

The Festival of Nice Music was founded in 1999. It was initiated by the cellist Eugen Prochác and PR manager Lele Zemanová, who – despite their Bratislava origin – were enchanted by the region of Banská Štiavnica. The first Festival of Nice Music took place in 2000 in Banská Štiavnica and gradually it spread also to the villages of Sv. Anton and Sklené Teplice.

Twenty years of the history of the Festival of Nice Music in Banská Štiavnica, today also in Sklené Teplice, Sv. Anton, Nová Baňa, Zvolen in facts and numbers:

Lele Zemanová & Eugen Prochác
  • 4 days of the festival taking place at historical sites
  • 95 realized concerts in total
  • 512 participating musicians, including 59 foreign ones
  • 21 world premieres of works by Slovak authors
  • 12 posters made by contemporary Slovak artists
  • 17 independent exhibitions of Slovak painters, sculptors and photographers
  • A memorial tablet for the best cultural event in Banská Štiavnica awarded in 2012
  • Inclusion in the chart of the Top Summer Festivals (SME 2003 critique)
  • The director of the festival was awarded the honorary citizenship of the city of Banská Štiavnica for contributing to its cultural development

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